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The firefly 2 vaporizer review is the most recent main entry in concentrate vaporizers and mobile herb from Firefly. Having never used a Firefly before, I used to be actually pleased with the sleek, tidy, and space age design the Firefly 2 has. Their website promises the Firefly 2 is 33% smaller and 55% lighter in relation to the initial Firefly, and I can say that this was a really simple device to carry around while I can not personally attest to that since I did not use the first Firefly.

At around five inches long and an inch thick, the Firefly 2 has an extremely high-quality without being overly heavy, feel, and its own slender profile makes it a breeze to take without any hassle in either my pocket or my backpack. The magnetically connected faceplates can be interchanged with ones in various colours, providing a degree of personalization I value having in a vaporizer.

I was likewise intrigued by the fact there are not any external buttons on the Firefly. Instead, there are just two finger detectors on each and every side of the vaporizer when the vaporizer should heat up by the bowl that signal, as well as the subtlety of the design choice along with quality and the slender profile construct gives a quite simple yet classy look to the Firefly 2.

Loading and Using the Firefly 2
To put it simply, the firefly 2 vaporizer review is a wonderful bit of technology geared toward making vaping even more easy while giving unbelievable control over the things they need their vaping encounter to be like to the user. For starters, the magnetic faceplate that is unibody is readily removable yet quite powerful, making it an easy task to reach the bowl while still feeling like the unit is safe. After removal of the faceplate, it is possible to either use one of the contained concentrate pads before placing it in the bowl to load up your concentrateof selection or fill the bowl along with your preferred herb.