To make your band go viral on Instagram without the habit to buy likes!!!

With changing trends and with social media everything is happening now, From marketing music through snapshots to selling music online by taking photographs and even meeting new fans with a click of the camera!!! You may even not have to buy likes to achieve all that.
Artists and bands alike can maximize their exposure by letting complete strangers to look into personal photos and ultimately have them buy their music.

Instagram today has a total of 14 to 15 million users and is one of the easiest apps to post your pictures directly to your other social networking sites like: Facebook, Tumbler, Twitter and much more. All you need to do is hit connect and your online music promotions begin. If you urge to be a part of the popular page you can just buy followers on Instagram.
The article will take you through tips of how to do your music promotion and sell music online with Instagram:
1. Pick a catchy name for your artist /band and it’s of utmost importance. Never go crazy cryptic or flamboyant with the naming just keep it simple.
2. Make photos you post interesting. You can start a photo series and tell a story through your photos.
3. Make photos simple. Try and not get caught up with yourself since that would reflect pretention.
4. Use Hashtags. They are a new trending epidemic and make it easier to find your posts and increase the number of viewers. So make it a habit of hashtaging your posts either with the band/artists name making you more discoverable.
5. Be Viral on Instagram and get as many views as possible. Your posts should reflect your bands personality and the concept should be interesting. Crank out all you’re pent up creativity and get noticed for it.
You can even buy 50 Instagram likes when you begin afresh just to boost your profile a little. But as you grow let he followers and like flow in organically and not unethically.
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