Celebrities are the one who were famous in the society. We can see many of the celebrities in our daily life directly or through many electronic devices and gadgets with the help of internet. Celebrities may differ by many ways depending on the field they are working as professionals. One of the important factors needed to be considered with respect to the celebrity is popularity. Popularity describes the grade of the celebrity in the society. For instance some of the celebrities are known for only some regional and some are for states and few are for the world. As the popularity increases higher the fame of the celebrity becomes. Everyone wants to know about their celebrity’s life and their income and this will be provided by

It is not an easier task to get fame and to be in a responsible high grade position in the society even though if we got fame in the society it becomes the toughest situation especially for the celebrities to withstand in that position as the society will concentrate on the deeds of the celebrity and he/she will be affected if any wrong steps are taken. For example a cricketer has his fame if he plays well throughout his carrier. But if the cricketer has committed for a match fixing in any match he played and if it is known to the people who respects him then all his fame will be vanished and his position will be degraded.
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