Fix a broken relationship with the help of text messages?

There is a product developed by Michael Fiore which goes by the name text your ex back , which mainly focuses on using text messages to repair your broken relationship and make amendments with your ex. Texting can be as deadly as a double-edged sword because if not done properly, then it can prove fateful for your relationship.
This is so because the feelings you want to convey through a text message are not easily interpreted by the reader on the other side of the screen and therefore a miscommunication happens which is not at all fruitful for any kind of relationship and there were problems start to arise. If these are not solved quickly things go from bad to worse real quick.

The no contact rule to get him back
Just like most of the programs for getting your ex back, text your ex back also encourages a similar no contact rule to get him back where you restrain from having any contact with your ex for at least a period of 30 days minimum. This is done to ensure that your ex gets enough time to contemplate on the things that went wrong and starts missing you. There are also a series of questions listed which help you to decide whether you actually want your ex back on not. During this 30 day period, you need to solely focus on your soul and find out the answers to what make you happy and make the correct decision of whether you want your ex back with you on not.
How to get your ex back?
Apart from some texting templates this product also helps you to focus on how to get your ex back. If you truly want him or her to be back in your life, then be confident about your love and trust yourself.